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The PitMaster seal goes beyond standard dock leveler weather seals to help keep insects, dust and debris out and heating and cooling energy in by closing off the pit and sealing up air gaps where the leveler, the truck, and the dock seal or shelter all meet.



You're already investing in a dock seal or shelter to control the environmental conditions at your dock doors. Why stop at sealing only three sides of the opening? Complete the job by sealing the fourth side with PitMaster, the industry's only pit-sealing under-leveler seal.


Keeps Docks Cleaner


- Helps prevent dust, pests, debris and refuse from collecting in leveler pits

- Keeps your dock area and your entire building cleaner.

- Promotes improved sanitation and industrial hygiene.


Seals air gaps and "white space" with optional corner seals and filler pads.


- Closes up the gaps at the dock/trailer level that traditional seals and shelters can't seal.

- Eliminates small opening and "white space" to help your facility pass AIB inspections.


Keeps employees safer, healthier and more comfortable


- Shields employees from the elements.

- Helps prevent rain, cold air, snow and dust from entering your facility


Prevent dramatic heat and energy loss through the dock leveler deck.


The front of a typical leveler pit is fully open to the environment outside the building. PitMaster minimizes airflow through openings in the leveler pit. And, it creates an insulating "dead-air" cavity in the pit, reducing transfer of heat into or out of your facility through the steel leveler deck and gaps around it.


THE RESULT: Substantial energy savings 24 hours a day, whether or not a trailer is parked at the dock.


Without Pitmaster


Heating or cooling energy can escape your facility through open spaces around the leveler, plus heat is transferred through the leveler deck itself.


With Pitmaster & Optional lip Corner Seals


Air Trapped by the PitMaster seal creates a pocket of "dead air" in the leveler pit, which acts as a thermal insulator that reduces heat transfer.



Heating energy lost through open air gaps, and through the leveler deck, can be drastically reduced with PitMaster for savings as high as $900 per year per dock position in colder climates. Ask your Rite-Hite Representative for details and a free loading dock energy cost analysis for your facility.

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