Marathon Horizontal Balers

Auto-Tie Balers

The NEXGEN series of TIEger Auto-Tie Balers are loaded with features that will increase your productivity, offer years of efficient operation and save operating costs. They are designed for a wide variety of applications such as shredded or air conveyed recyclable materials weighing 4 lbs. or less per cubic foot in-feed capacity. NEXGEN TIEger Auto-Tie Balers feature one of the most exciting new technologies in more than 30 years: the TIEger™ Tieing System. This tier uses highly efficient gear twisters, which means there are no twister hooks. The TIEger™ also produces NO pigtail! This results in a 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs! The gear twisters and inserter needles are all hydraulically driven and wire is dispensed directly from our unique box holders. Ceramic wire guides and adjustable wire positioners direct the wire through the tier.


  • Flex-Ten, Single cylinder tension system that leverages and generates force on all four sides.
  • All pivot points have solid steel bushings and grease fittings.
  • Flexible cross tube cylinder mounts allows for removal of cylinder from the side of the machine.
  • Tier and twister box pivot for easy maintenance.
  • Inserters and gear twisters are driven by hydraulic motors.
  • Dust is controlled through the use of Nylatron shims and special programming.
  • Adjustable shear blades (NS, WS & EWS series only).
  • 400 Brinell steel liners on the floor and ram bottom.
  • Chute feed hopper with gasketed access door with viewing windows on both sides of the baler.
  • Oversized ram hold-down bars are adjustable from the exterior of the machine.
  • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded retainer locks.
  • Wire box holders make loading quick and easy with no adjustment required. Ceramic wire guides and adjustable wire rollers.
  • Bale length counter, located on the side of the baler, sends a digital reading to the operator interface.
  • Maestro™ touch screen operator interface with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix1500 PLC; provides many functions such as diagnostics, bale set-up, balelength, system pressures, etc.
  • Infrareds are adjustable the entire height of the door
  • Powerpacks up to 150HP and many dual motor units are available
  • Lockable fused electrical disconnect.
  • Low oil shutdown switch.
  • Hot oil temperature shutdown switch.
  • Oil shut-off valve.
  • Quiet running 3-section flooded suction pumping system (except on the twin 30HP units).
  • Electrically actuated regen hydraulic system.
  • Factory start-up; standard NEXGEN warranty; choice of standard paint colors

Manual-Tie Horizontal Balers

NEXGEN has several models of manual-tie balers to meet your application, size and budget requirements.

The Stealth Baler: The most affordable horizontal baler for OCC on the market. It is specially designed for baling corrugated cardboard and is capable of baling 2-3 tons per hour.

The Gemini Series Balers: NEXGEN's Gemini Series, Twin-Cylinder, Horizontal Balers, offer versatility in low-to-medium volume recycling applications. The Gemini's specialty is baling a variety of materials (such as newspaper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans) with no fluffing or preconditioning required. The Gemini-Xtreme is the heavy-duty model designed for more strenuous operations.

Closed end Horizontal Balers: NEXGEN's Closed-End Horizontal Balers are mid-sized, closed-end balers that processes a wide variety of material and can produce up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day's shift. NEXGEN's Closed-End Balers are available with bale sizes from 30"x42"x72" to 48"x42"x72", charge box opening lengths from 30" to 50", motors with 20 & 30 horsepower, and 6"- 8" cylinder bores.

NEXGEN ATLAS® Non-Ferrous Balers: Facilities baling from one to three tons of aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusion, radiators, etc. are reaping big benefits from the ATLAS Non-Ferrous Baler. The heavy constructed frame, perfect for the scrap industry, along with "Stress Engineered Construction" for superior size to weight ratio and a high efficiency power unit allows the ATLAS Baler to perform at optimum efficiency. Specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide maximum performance and ease of maintenance, which eliminates precutting of most materials. The ATLAS Baler produces heavier, more dense, labor saving bales which equals more savings for you, and don't forget the affordable price.

NEXGEN Foam Baler: The NEXGEN Foam Baler is a horizontal baler specially designed to handle the unique characteristics of polyfoam products. Foam fabricators experience labor savings by generating bales twice the density of a typical vertical baler. The Foam Baler is ideal for all types of applications where polyfoam scrap is generated from furniture manufacturers to medical products. The powerful horizontal baling process generates dense bales that weigh more than 1300 pounds.

NEXGEN Side-Eject Horizontal Balers: NEXGEN's * patented line of Side-Eject Horizontal Balers are uniquely engineered to maximize productivity. Side-Eject Balers are ideal for baling a variety of recyclable materials such as aluminum cans, PET, OCC, paper, etc. Valuable space is saved with the bale access and tie-off system in the front of the unit. Another unique feature of the Side-Eject is the serving island that ejects the bale and puts it in a position for the forklift to remove the bale. The Side-Eject Balers have many features not found on conventional closed-end balers.

NEXGEN GALAXY 2R™ Two-Ram horizontal balers feature new innovations and the latest technology. The GALAXY 2R™, is a multi-material baler that can be configured for non-ferrous scrap, PET, aluminum cans, recycling centers, integrated into a MRF systems, or any other high throughput applications. It is available in more than 50 models in narrow and wide charge box sizes.

The many standard and available features of NEXGEN Two-Ram Balers make them ideal for processing a wide variety of materials such as scrap, OCC, solid waste, newsprint, aluminum and steel cans, PET and, with the optional metals package, non-ferrous materials, and much more.

  • Variable bale dimensions
  • Full penetration ram
  • Maestro™ color touch-screen programmable operator interface
  • Pressure transducers
  • NexDoor™
  • Optional Stamper
  • Flooded suction pumping system
  • Separate cooling and tier circuit
  • Tongue and groove abrasion resistant floor lines
  • Externally adjustable shear beam and ram hold-down bars
  • Preset modes that allow you to easily change material settings
  • Large baling chamber
  • Advanced Structural Engineering & Construction with Superior Size-to-Weight Ratio
  • High-Efficiency Power Unit. Main motors range from 30 HP to 100 HP with an oversized air-to-oil cooler standard